Passenger Tyres

Your family’s safety and comfort is one of your highest priorities and we make it ours too. We stock the best quality tyres, that last longer and keep your family safer.

Truck, Forklift & Ag Tyres

Do you need Solid Tyres, Pneumatic Tyres or Polyurethane Wheels? We have it all at Tyreright Pakenham. Our services ensure minimum machinery/vehicle downtime and maximum productivity.

Car Servicing

Trucks aren’t our only thing. Did you know that we do all minor servicing for cars also? Brakes, Suspension & Tyres. You name it and all can be done in with our same day package.
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Wheel Alignments

Do you want better fuel economy, less tyre wear, longer life for your tyres, all while having a smoother driving experience? All of our wheel alignments are done on precision laser equipment, ensuring the best quality service.


Battery dead or dying? We stock a large range of Super Charge batteries, catering for your Trucks, Forklift & Agricultural vehicles, No matter what size you need, we have you covered. All batteries come with a 2 Year limited warranty.


Just Drive in have a shower, have a rest, eat some food and get back on the road in top form!
We also have out of hours roadside services.