New Batteries

Need a new Battery? At Tyreright Pakenham we stock a large range of SuperCharge batteries, catering for your Cars, Trucks, Forklifts & Agricultural Vehicles. No matter what size you need, we have you covered. All batteries come with either a 2 or 3 year limited warranty.

SuperCharge has been distributing batteries for over 30 years. All of their products are made using market-leading Expanded Grid (EXG) technology, which helps SuperCharge be one of the leading distributors of maintenance-free car batteries throughout Australia.

Thanks to EXG technology, SuperCharge‘s batteries can withstand the harshest work, weather and road conditions. With units available to fit all makes & models, you are sure to find the most performance-enhancing solution for your vehicle.

Supercharge DealerThe benefits of SuperCharge products and services include:

  • A generous warranty
  • Full compatibility with leading automotive and boat models
  • Superior grid strength against overcharging and corrosion
  • The technology is ISO 9002 and TUV certified

Supercharge offer the widest range of low-maintenance car batteries in Australia. At Pakenham Tyres we stock their two most popular types:

  • Gold – These are maintenance-free, fully-sealed, top-of-the-line products with superior starting power. Gold units come with a 36-month warranty and are ideal for heavy duty vehicle use. Many consumers prefer Gold units as their four wheel drive auto battery of choice.
  • Silver – These units are also fully-sealed and maintenance free. Ideal for normal use, they have an amazing reserve capacity. All silver batteries come with a 24-month warranty.

SuperCharge‘s Gold product range is the most long-lasting and durable on the market. Whether you are looking for standard or deep cycle batteries, you can’t go wrong with their warranty-backed products.

Prices From $99, Contact Us today to find out more!

Prefer a different brand? We can order in many products from a great range of manufacturers, just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Battery Health Check

Not sure if your Battery is performing at its peak?  It might be time to get a health check completed to see if you need a new one or if it just needs some charging and maintenance.  Either way, the experts at Pakenham Tyres have all the testing equipment needed to test batteries ranging from Trucks, Cars, Forklifts, Agricultural Machinery and even Boats & Motorcycles.

Signs of a dying battery?

  • Problems with starting your Vehicle. With no mechanical faults.
  • Battery going flat easily or no longer holding charge.
  • Some newer batteries have a small window with a guide to the health of your battery, check this regularly to make sure your battery is up to standard.

If you’re concerned about your Vehicles Battery, feel free to come down and see us for a free battery test to determine the health of your battery. We’ll happily check your battery, discuss your replacement battery options and fit a new battery for you if needed.

Need a Free Battery Health Check? Give us a call today! tel:0359409582(03) 5940 9582