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Tyreright Pakenham also offers on site repair of punctured tyres for all Truck, Forklift & Agricultural vehicles.

Prices From $49, Contact Us today to find out more!

Puncture Repairs

Have you driven over a screw? Are you way off getting new tyres and don’t want to waste money on a new one because of a simple puncture. We can help.
As long as your tyres are up to legal standard, and the puncture is minor, we are able to fix it on the spot!

When can’t you fix a puncture?

  • If the puncture is larger than normal.
  • If the tyre has been driven on while flat and caused damage, known as run flat damage.
  • Secondary damage, internal or external damage besides caused by the puncturing object.
  • Ageing or deteriorating tyre rubber.
  • Exposed cords.
  • Bead damage.

Here’s a handy diagram to show whether or not your Tyre
is Repairable or Not Repairable.Repair Diagram



The Green highlighted area is the center section of the Tyre and is usually Repairable.

The Red highlighted areas are the Sidewalls of the Tyre and cannot be Repaired.

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